ASCOM Presentation

Columbus SC— September 15th, 2022. Monique Lappas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, , of Qualify Health presented at the Association of South Carolina Oncology Managers (ASCOM).

The conference was held at Columbia  Metropolitan Convention Center , Columbia SC

The event was attended by over 40 representatives from some of South Carolina’s leading Oncology Providers, as well as other industry executives.

The topic of Ms. Lappas’ presentation was “Growing Your Revenues and Bringing Your Patients to Tears (OF JOY!)”, in which she presented case studies of the impact that Qualify Health’s software and service solution can drive financial advocacy, increased advocacy dollars, improved patient satisfaction and the company’s AI-Driven Prior Authorization platform to solve the increasing burden of Prior Authorizations.

The association of South Carolina Oncology Managers is a non-profit professional organization that provides access for oncology practices to quality leadership development through continuing education, networking, and business improvement opportunities

Qualify Health is one of the country’s leading technology and service providers for healthcare-based financial advocacy solutions and AI-driven prior authorization Solutions.

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