partnering with providers and patients

Partnering with providers and patients to solve the patient healthcare cost burden and improve your revenues with proprietary technology solutions.

Patient Financial Advocacy

Full financial management of patient advocacy via technology that eliminates patient healthcare costs, reduces patient bad debt and grows your revenue.

Prior Authorization

Helping providers with fast and accurate prior authorizations through AI-Powered technology and in-house experts to reduce denials and ensure a fast and seamless PA approval process

Our impact

Qualify Health works alongside health systems, cancer and infusion centers, specialty pharmacies, and physician offices to drive additional revenue and reduce patient bad debt; ensuring you are paid for the services provided and your patients receive the treatment they need, without financial burden


Qualify Health’s Proprietary Technology matches patients with thousands of financial assistance programs, including copay cards, foundations, manufacturer patient-assistance programs, and hospital-based charity care options.

Our Technology, partnered with financial navigation specialists, detects all new patient bills (EOB’s) and identifies each patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility.

The dedicated Qualify Health financial advocate team ensures that all expenses are submitted, for the patient, allowing your team to focus on what it does best – caring for patients, and allowing the patient to solely focus on their care, without financial stress

This end-to-end process ensures that:

After submitting a patient’s expense, we follow up on all claims to ensure they are received and paid. We notify our clients of what funds are coming and when to expect them, as well as where to apply them. We also notify the patient of the status of each payment. 



Weekly check of all active patients for any new EOB’s



EOB and other necessary information uploaded or faxed to program


Confirmation of Receipt

Verification of receipt of EOB and request for payment


the Money

Regularly check the status of the payment until it is received



Record the check number or copay card details to provide to client


Case Studie

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Case Studie

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